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We welcome inward links to our sites so why not put our logo on your website with a link through to our home page www.eastlondonchamber.co.uk

If you are a member of East London Chamber of Commerce (incorporating Docklands Business Club) you can use our logo on your website.  Non-members are very welcome to link to our website and there is no need to complete this form as you do not require our logo.

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Terms and Conditions of use:
Members of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry or it's branch chambers (Croydon, Ealing, East London (inc DBC), Hammersmith & Fulham) may apply to use our logo in accordance with our Bye Law 1.01, which states " Any member wishing to indicate on his (or his business's) website that he is a member of the Chamber shall do so only with the consent of the Chamber and in a form approved by the Chamber. No member or office holder shall, without the approval of the Chamber, describe himself as holding any office or position in connection with the Chamber or its sections, in any printed or published document, on any business card or in any electronic communication or on a website, which does not deal with matters directly concerning the Chamber or its sections, or use the address of the Chamber on communications designed for publication in the press or otherwise."

There is no charge for this. Please note that our consent is only for use in this form and context, that the logo should not be used in any way which might imply that the Chamber has endorsed your company or its activities in any way, that the Chamber reserves the right to withdraw its consent at any time at its sole discretion and that this consent lapses automatically should your company at any time cease to be a member of the Chamber.

By submitting this form you are confirming that these arrangements are satisfactory to you and agreed by your company. If you are a member, we will then send you the logo and the wording which must be used in conjunction with it to indicate your company's membership of the Chamber.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.